3rd Couchsurfing Meeting in Jena

Today, for this special case and for all the „foreigners“ and Non-German-Speakers, short review is of the meeting in English, two days ago. It was the third (official) Couchsurfing Meeting in Jena. The first was in December (look here), the second two weeks ago. At this last meeting we decide to make a big BBQ in the Paradies Park. Ok the wheather was’nt that good, but I think we had a lot of fun and now knowing each other a little bit better. In the time of the „rush hour“ we were about 20 people, people went, people came, dogs left, dogs came back. But they were not only from CS, there were also some friends of the members or friends of the friends…
So it was a very nice evening with fantastic and differant kinds of food, so hopefully we can repeat such an evening, but with better wheather, of course ;-).


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