Everything has an end, only Georgia has two

Dovydas, Marco, Lina, Filip, Auste & Edvinas

Not until after my last roommate, Auste, left our apartment I really realized that all five have grown on me and that something familiar is finally over. This of course is less the fact that I have to remove the leftovers of the last farewell party alone or that the apartment has become terribly cold. It is mainly because during the last four months I closely lived with five lovely people – we studied, celebrated, travelled or cooked together. A purpose community became more than simple flat share – we were a family, the family! Thank you and see you soon, iki pasimatymo and uvidíme sa!

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  1. Anna  hat geschrieben

    Du hast mit einer Litauerin zusammen gelebt! ♥ Litauer sind cool.

  2. Marco Marco  hat geschrieben

    gerai, ich hab mir vier Menschen aus Litauen zusammengelebt 😀

  3. Anna  hat geschrieben

    Labai gerai! Lietuviskai labai grazu! 🙂

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