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Saved by his family from an ISIS death squad

Yazidi refugee

This man used to work as an Iraqi border guard when ISIS fighters unexpectedly crossed over from Syria in summer 2014. They destroyed the border installations and filmed their triumphant, sabre wielding militants with turbans in the style of medieval Muslim conquerors. It was to be a symbol of victory over the artificial frontiers in the Middle East originating in the Sykes-Picot agreement between Britain and France during WWI. Film material which was published by VICE News in September 2014 showed how jihadists shipped off handcuffed border personnel in trucks. This man showed me the VICE video on his phone where you can recognise himself with terror in the eyes, kneeling on a truck while an ISIS fighter tells him and his comrades that they will cut off their heads. He said that he knew that he had little chance to survive as a Yazidi man. According to him, only Shia were treated worse than Yazidis, as they were shot immediately in front of them. However, he managed to escape execution as his family paid a ransom of more than 50.000 Dollars to get him free. He was living in an unofficial refugee shelter when I met him in May 2017. His home was still in the hands of ISIS at the time, and he was unsure if his house was still standing.

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