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Mountain and techno tourism as a promise to the youth of Northwest Georgia

Giga is a young taxi driver from Zugdidi. He complained that there are few opportunities in his hometown and region and that most young people were unemployed. While tourism starts to play a role, he does not see yet how this could make a major difference. On the one hand,…

Blockchain gold rush in the Caucasus mountains: how Georgia became the world’s most crypto-friendly country

Tazo from Tbilisi went to university in Nottingham (UK), where he was mainly hanging out with the Russian speaking post-Soviet crowd and became “the biggest YNWA FC Liverpool fan from Georgia”. His family suffered from repressions under Saakashvili’s presidency (2004-2013), but now he works at the Georgian Ministry of Economy…


This is Salome after a long night out in her native Tbilisi.