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Mountain and techno tourism as a promise to the youth of Northwest Georgia

Giga is a young taxi driver from Zugdidi. He complained that there are few opportunities in his hometown and region and that most young people were unemployed. While tourism starts to play a role, he does not see yet how this could make a major difference. On the one hand,…

Blockchain gold rush in the Caucasus mountains: how Georgia became the world’s most crypto-friendly country

Tazo from Tbilisi went to university in Nottingham (UK), where he was mainly hanging out with the Russian speaking post-Soviet crowd and became “the biggest YNWA FC Liverpool fan from Georgia”. His family suffered from repressions under Saakashvili’s presidency (2004-2013), but now he works at the Georgian Ministry of Economy…


This is Salome after a long night out in her native Tbilisi.

On deserting the army to go see your mum and getting bailed out by a Soviet general

Givi lives with his wife, a little puppy and some chicken in a forlorn little house somewhere in the countryside in Southern Georgia. According to him there are few jobs in Georgia these days and his sons are working in Moscow and send money home. Givi has fond memories of…