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The dictatorship’s double victory

It was clear from the very beginning: Alexander Lukashenko, authoritarian leader of Belarus since 1994, would easily “win” his fifth presidential election on Sunday 11th October 2015. This year’s outcome was his highest ever victory: 83.5 percent voted for the incumbent president, as announced by the Belarusian Central Election Commission.…

Welcome to Aleksandrya, your Belarusian state-made village

To leave behind the atmosphere of elections, we made a trip to a well-cared village in the east of Belarus to check if Alexander Lukashenko, the freshly re-elected president leading his country for last 21 years , has not forgot about his birthplace. The local “elektrichka” train slowly reaches our…

Belarus pre-election forecast: See the thaw, feel the frost

For the first time in a long time Alexander Lukashenko seems quite open towards western representatives. With the release of all political prisoners in mid-August, he fulfilled one of EU’s key demands. However, this did not change the repressive conditions for civil society and independent media.