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Category: Belarus

A Soviet military’s biography: moving around from Vladivostok to Leipzig and facing stinger rockets in Afghanistan

Bogdan is a pensioner living in Minsk, Belarus. He was born in Lviv, Ukraine. His grandfather still lived during times when Lviv (formerly known as Lemberg) was a part of Austria before WWI. He always used to tell Bogdan that those were the best times when everyone was living well…

Discrimination, Arbitrariness and Kidnapping: Homelessness in Belarus

In Belarus gibt es keine Obdachlosen und keine Armut. So lautet zumindest die Staatsdoktrin der autoritären Regierung von Präsident Alexander Lukaschenko. Die Realität ist davon allerdings weit entfernt, wie eine Reise in das osteuropäische Land sowie Treffen mit Betroffenen und Vertretern von Hilfsorganisationen zeigen.

A few hundred against the regime

Around 300 people responded to the call by oppositional politicians Mikalai Statkevich and Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu to protest in October Square on 12 September against the rigged parliamentary elections. The gathering in central Minsk started peacefully, but after the authorities tried to provoke the demonstrators, they began to march in protest.