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Es Fogueró Palace on Mallorca: Big plans, overgrown ruins and a brutal murder

Once upon a time, every night 2000 people flocked to the revue theatre “Es Fogueró Palace” in the north-east of Mallorca. But after only a few years the entertainment temple closed its doors forever, the business was too unprofitable. The place only made the headlines again when a body was found there.

“Shish Kebab Requiem” – a Georgian rap album about big girls and deadly streetfood

Georgian artists Kordz and DRO have created an ironic collage of pop culture references on a journey through four centuries of music. The new album “Shish Kebab Requiem” is a testament to the mad creativity of Tbilisi’s music scene, which is much more than just techno and Bassiani. Talk about…

Hope and repression – A weekend at the protests in Minsk

Peaceful protests and police violence, hope and fear, courage and apathy – on my trip to Minsk, I encountered the different shades of Belarus in turmoil. While the young generation seems like a guarantee for change, there is a danger that apathy might return to Belarus. Supermarkets where you could…